special disinfection services for COVID-19

According to studies, you and your business only have 7 seconds to make a first impression. Let’s make it worth it!

Our talented team offers an impressive work to make your business glitter and sparkle. They impeccably apply professional decontamination to your facilities, ensuring a superlative customer care and an outstanding performance.

As much as your business counts, you can count on us!

We pledge to fully maintain your business. We harness a full range of services that will inspire trust and boost pride in your brand.

Keeping your restaurant constantly super clean and disinfected is not a piece of cake.

Hence, having a professional team by your side is a must. Tagged as one of the largest marketplaces of the 21st century, the Food and Beverage sector is deemed very critical, especially when it comes to hygiene.

Nevertheless, our solid experience in the F&B industry defined us as pioneers. We have a solid expertise for over a decade in cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing all aspects of F&B, from large holdings to small companies and everything in between.

In our careers to date, we have acquired an in-depth knowledge and a firm understanding of every tiny detail of this business. Our proven success made us a reference in this sector.

we revolutionized this industry by cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing agro alimentation factories and food plant transformation companies.

Besides high pressure cleaning and sanitizing, we create, develop and monitor programs starting by gathering key data and tailoring templates to implementing the plan. We process documentation, prepare plants and factories for inspection, organize for auditions and work relentlessly alongside quality control departments such as the

HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points).

It is a prevention system developed in the 1960s by NASA and a group of food safety specialists. We took safety to a whole new level, all while complying with the highest standards and hygiene requirements. Complicated, intense and critical: 3 words that sum up cleaning in the food plant transformation. Yet, we aced it, because our work is the fruit of our passion!

Together, we can maintain a high level of food security.

We strongly believe that a small reputational risk in the F&B sector can threaten a business and jeopardize its continuity. Thus, we put cleanliness first and foremost.

The ever growing incidences of food-related disorders have prompted consumers to change their lifestyles. A small mistake can make you lose numerous customers. When entering a restaurant, customers directly link the cleanliness of your place to the quality of your food. Thus, we use pristine equipment and out-of-the-box technologies to create a welcoming environment for your guests.

We thoroughly clean your space from the hall, kitchen, waiting rooms and restrooms to food preparation areas, in order to deliver spotless results. We also disinfect every corner from tables, chairs to all food surfaces to help you meet all the standards required for hygiene and sanitation. We aim at preventing cross contamination in food processing and hygiene-critical areas.