special disinfection services for COVID-19

Are you aware of these facts? commercial cleaning services montreal

  • Did you know office desks contain more than 400 times the amount of germs as a bathroom toilet?

  • Did you know that on average an employee takes 7.7 sick days a year?

  • Did you know that employees are 2 to 8 % more productive in a clean environment?

  • Did you know that cleanliness is the most important customer satisfaction metric?

It’s time to stop thinking of cleaning as a cost, but an asset for your business to grow and glow!

commercial cleaning services montreal


Absences such as sick leaves can provoke

  •  54% decrease in productivity
  •  34% decline in sales
  • drop in customer service

As well

  •  Probability of catching common cold and influenza by 80%
  •  Absenteeism by 46%
  •  Surfaces contaminated with viruses by 62%

It’s big time to reduce sickness absence. commercial cleaning services montreal

Bacteria, germs, diseases, infections ??
It’s big time for your business to combat them all! It’s big time to protect your clients and save your staff. Nuerava got your back!

  • What We Do?

    Removing dirt, germs and dust from all spaces
    Disinfecting all surfaces with eco-friendly practices
    Carpet cleaning services, Upholstery cleaning services
    Hard floor cleaning, stripping, washing, waxing and buffing
    Endless other specialty cleaning services
  • Where we do them?

    Works Areas from phones, desks, door jambs to plants, trash, blinds
    Common Areas, and everything in between
    Cubicles, Bullpens &Private Work Areas
    Restrooms, Kitchen, Break Rooms
    Lobbies, Boardrooms, Reception

any other place that may cross your mind!


    We clean countertops, wipe mirrors, door handles and light switches and take out recyclables
    to guarantee safety of your team.
    we get inside your microwave and thoroughly clean it!
    Each job is meticulously inspected to ensure you are getting the healthiest outcomes.
    Our employees are trained and insured so your employees can enjoy a fresh clean workplace.
    Your offices says a lot about your business, and our results speak for themselves!
    Having a deeply disinfected office reflect the quality of services you provide. Having high standards in cleaning increases your credibility as a business, boosts trust in your products and opens a path of endless opportunities.

Our flexibility pushes us to accommodate to your schedule

Just tell us your availability and we make it happen. We tailor customized plans for your facility. We offer daily, weekly and monthly packages to meet all needs. Our professional staff flawlessly execute the program, so every part of your business is impeccably spotless!