special disinfection services for COVID-19


Cleaning removes dirt from surfaces. How does cleaning work? It can be completed through soap, detergents, or water to physically get rid of impurities from objects. However, this step does not kill germs and virus, it just lowers their amount and eradicates their risk of spreading unnecessary infection.
Therefore, disinfection takes place. It kills those nasty germs. How does disinfection work? The disinfection process is applied by using chemicals. Although disinfection does not clean dirty surfaces, it helps further eliminate the risk of infection by killing germs and viruses.
As for sanitizing, it reduces the number of germs to a safe degree, as deemed by public health standards. How does sanitation work? By either cleaning or disinfecting objects to decreasethat unwanted infection.

We plan a full-fledged cleaning schedule, including entrances, corridors, break areas, congested areas, main passageways, and primary work or office areas. We vacuum floors and use no touch cleaning system for routine floor maintenance and to avoid damage. We also focus on light traffic areas including conference rooms, administrative offices, auditoriums, media centers, and any space with limited access or periodic use.
We harness your experience by organizing floor stripping and refinishing during less busy periods. We provide you as well with reasonable notice before non-routine floor maintenance operations.
Our activities follow a predetermined schedule, to accurately ensure their maintenance. However, we perform restoration only when needed and we avoid floor restoration chemicals through spraying.

We vacuum carpets on a prearranged schedule and we study your carpet to understand exactly the frequency of cleaning it needs. We clean them in a way they would dry in less than 12 hours! For interim and restorative cleaning, we keep you in the loop before launching any operation. We consult accordingly with the building management to ensure timing and techniques are well established.
Our vacuuming includes all the areas mentioned in floor cleaning. From largest to smallest areas, we focus on each space so it would shine spotlessly.  We perform as well carpet extraction only when needed and we schedule it during periods of minimum occupancy.

ATP test is key in monitoring cleanliness, to the point that it even added sense to the word“hygiene”. 
This test is also crucial in determining the level of cleanliness of a surface. Sometimes you walk into a room, you don’t find any dirt all over so you describe it as clean. However, it’s not always the case! You need to VERIFY whether it’s truly clean or not. Those nasty germs are invisible. Now, with the ATP test, you KNOW whether that room is clean or not. It tells you, on the spot, if the surface was properly cleaned, and ultimately gives you both, an innovative approach and a peace of mind. Recognizing its necessity, the ATP test is widely adopted to test surfaces in the food industry and hospitals.

We use highly advanced equipment to optimize your time. The products we apply and the methods we adopt require only 10 minutes before you enter the room again. Our high-tech equipment takes 2 minutes to kill the virus and 5 minutes to dry. We respect the value of your time. Therefore, we use hospitals high-grade disinfectants.

You may think that hiring an in-house staff would save you money. However, you would need to interview them, train them and acquire expensive equipment, not to forget all payrolls and insurance duties, and of course you taking all the responsibility! Therefore, having a professional company on board as Nuerava is essential for you both, short and long term.