special disinfection services for COVID-19

Our equipment is not complete without mentioning the ATP test.

ATP (adenosine triphosphate) is a chemical found in every cell of living organisms. It stores energy and gives cells energy they need to function.

ATP provides quick efficient results.

ATP can measure the levels of bioburden in the enviroment and ideal way to evidence the level of cleanliness

Deemed as one of the most effective tests worldwide. Once an area is cleaned, the testing system shows how many microorganisms still exist.

Visual inspection may provide a general overview about the effectiveness of cleaning.

The detection of ATP is therefore a clear indicator in determining the efficiency of cleaning process in removing bacteria

Visual inspection has some limitations because trace levels of contamination cannot be seen by the naked eye. Some surfaces might be contaminated without being visually inspected! Hence, visual inspection can be a precursor to ATP testing but should not be a substitute for it.

 Yes, all of our tools are ATP tested.

We apply innovation to cleaning industry to create healthier, cleaner spaces. Based on in-depth measures, ATP depicts if the cleaning has been efficient and we can begin with manufacturing.

The main purpose of this test is not just to show our high standard services. It aims at ensuring that your place is clean.

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“ATP measurement has the great advantage over microbial culture, in that it is a fast method and is easy to perform.”

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“ATP: A universal hygiene monitor.” Trends in Food Science & Technology, March 1997, Volume 8, Issue 3, Pages 79–84.

The use of this technique

“ for rapid hygiene monitoring allows the information to be provided in time for corrective action to be taken.”